Oil & Balm Bundle: Dapper Scent

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This Beard Bundle includes 1 Dapper Premium Beard Oil & 1 Dapper Beyond Beard Balm.

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What you will get with your purchase (Included for FREE!):

  • Total Body Transformation - Digital Download
    • Discover how you can look and feel your absolute best with our list of alternative uses for our beard oil and balm! 
  • How to Trim Your Beard to Perfection - Digital Download
    • Our step-by-step guide will give you the beard you have always wanted with the least amount of effort!
  • Instructions for How to Apply (Correctly!)
    • Applying your balm can make or break the outcome of your beard.  Let us take the guess work out of the application process!
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Our DAPPER fragrance is a masculine, clean and cologne-like scent. Notes of bourbon, pepper, amber, apple, sage and patchouli. This scent will leave you feeling confident, fresh, and DAPPER!

Sophisticated enough for a formal event, yet smooth enough for everyday use.


Jack & Jesters Premium Beard Oil is formulated especially for unruly facial hair. This oil smooths and softens beards and mustaches to leave them feeling silky and moisturized. Your skin beneath will get a dose of hydration as well.  Our handcrafted oil uses all natural ingredients to repair, replenish and freshen your beard.

Jack & Jesters Beard Balm allows you to tame your mane with just the right amount of hold.  Beard balm really is a jack of all trades.  Like beard oil, beard balm deeply conditions and moisturizes your skin and hair.  If you are prone to dryness, beard balm may be the way to go as it is heavier than oil and tends to provide a thicker moisture barrier. 


Your beard will look, smell and feel amazing!  


Highlights of our Signature Formula!

  • Sweet Almond Oil - reduces inflammation, improves complexion and skin tone, moisturizes skin, improves acne, reduces the appearance of scars, eliminates dandruff
  • Apricot Kernel Oil - softens, improves skin tone, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, strengthens hair, promotes hair growth, deeply moisturizes
  • Avocado Oil - enhances the absorption of vital nutrients, improves skin complexion, acts as a natural sunblock, anti-inflammatory, moisturizes, helps with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, reduces signs of aging, eliminates dandruff
  • Vitamin E promotes hair growth resulting in a fuller, thicker beard
  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Conditioning balm can be used to style head hair as well 
  • Medium and soft-to-the-touch hold
  • Lightweight and non-greasy formula
  • 100% All-Natural Ingredients
  • 100% Cruelty-Free
  • No added phthalates
  • No added parabens
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • (Entirely) Made in the USA



Oil: Shake well before use. Pour a dime-sized amount of oil into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and massage oil evenly throughout your beard and into the skin beneath. Comb your beard and enjoy. Reapply throughout the day if needed.

Balm: Scoop a dime-sized amount of balm into the palm of your hand.  Rub your hands together to melt balm and massage throughout your beard.  Style the way you want.  Massage the skin beneath to moisturize.  Comb your beard and enjoy.  Apply again throughout the day if needed.



Oil: 1 FL OZ / 30 ML

Balm: 2 OZ / 60 ML

Start Your Journey Towards A Better Beard!

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